Eating Healthy on a Budget

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Eating healthy and on budget is struggle of many in todays fast paced and expensive world.In this modern era, where there is not only an evolution of technologies but also pathogens so it is vital to stay fit with a
strong immune system to fight diseases. Another problem is getting fat, and not just
that, but people also consider fatness as the ugly side of them while they are
socializing. So, most of them try out different types of diet plans depending
on their daily routine, allergies, and medicines or any other medical
treatments they are on. Some of these diets are affordable, but others may take
up your budget and leave you with eating that same cheap junk food once again
ignoring your health. So here you must understand that it is not just the diet
plan that matters, but you also need to look out for a budget diet plan as
well. So below are a few of those diet plans that are affordable and effective as
well.However, it is important to refer to a doctor when
starting a new diet to get guidelines in accordance to your body and to
consider allergies you might have.

Atkins Diet Plan

First of all, there is the Atkins Diet plan, which has
been proved to be effective and would help you out to lose considerable weight
in a few weeks. Now you might be thinking that you have to eat that special diet
food or low carb tasteless food during this diet. Well, like a surprise you
have to avoid both of these foods because they have a high amount of sugar in
them. Besides this, you have to avoid Vegetable oils, High carb fruits
& vegetables, Legume, Starch, grains, and of course sugar. So instead
you have to eat Seafood, meat, different nuts and seeds, Low carb vegetables
and fruits, Dairy products, and eggs. As for drinking, you can take Green Tea,
coffee with no sugar, and water.

Price: $100/Rs 16,757                                                        

Ketogenic Diet Plan

This diet plan is similar to the Atkins Diet plan
because it contains low carb, and high-fat food products just like Atkins Diet.
Now you might be wondering why in a diet the amount of fat is increased when
you are already trying to reduce it. Well in this type of diet the number of
carbohydrates are stopped in your body, and
fats will be increased, but in this case, your body will turn those fats into
energy that will help your body to get in shape. Furthermore, stopping sugar
products will decrease the amount of insulin in your body, and rise in ketones.
Though the Ketogenic Diet plan is beneficial for your body, it also comes with a
side effect which is known as Keto Flu. This type of flu can be recovered by
using Low Carb Food products at the start of the diet plan.

Price: $150/Rs 25,136

Vegetarian Diet Plan

As for Vegetarians, this diet is like a dream come
true, because now they can eat up all the healthy vegetables. Still, there are
different types of Vegetarian Diet Plans with different restrictions. First of
all, there is a Lacto-Vegetarian Diet in which you are allowed to consume Dairy
products, but you cannot take Meat, poultry, eggs, and Fish. Then next one is
Lacto-ovo-Vegetarian Diet in which you can consume Dairy Products and Eggs only
with vegetables, but you cannot take Poultry, Fish, and other meat products.

Next one is Pescatarian Diet in which you are allowed
to eat fish, and on rare occasions Dairy products and eggs, but you cannot eat
Poultry and other meat products. Basically,
to eat a vegetarian diet, but who also eats
fish and other seafood. It’s a largely plant-based 
diet of whole
grains, nuts, legumes, produce and healthy fats, with seafood playing a key
role as a main protein source.

Price: $29/Rs 4,859

 Raw Food Diet

This type of diet is similar to the Vegan Diet plan
because most of the food products included are either uncooked or just slightly
cooked. You must remember that all the food that you consume has to be raw at
all cost like Raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seaweed, fermented food products,
nut milk, dry meat, raw eggs and poultry if you like, and also raw meat
products if you require. On the other hand, you have to avoid consuming oil,
salt, sugar, alcohol, baked or fried food products, cooked vegetables, chips,
and other similar snacks that are not allowed during this diet. Furthermore,
you must understand that this diet is not for the long term, as even your
doctor will suggest this for you to adopt at a short time. Your body needs fats
to survive, so this will help you reduce fats faster than other diets, but
longer adoption may pose some threat to your health.

Price: $30/Rs 5,027

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