Friendship in social Isolation

Two cheerful girls who seem friends are covering each others faces when lying down with flowers on their hair

What friendship really

Friendship is like rain, for some people it might occur occasionally
and for some frequently but only a certain form of it can make the flowers
bloom. So that certain form is like a true friend, who will help you grow irrespective
of the type you are, you can be a lily, a sunflower or even dandelion, a true
friend will make sure you get the right form and amount of nourishment that one
requires to thrive.

Friends make the most important discovery where they grow separately
without growing apart.  It is never about
having a conversation daily but rather the strength of the bond you share with
them that truly matters. The stronger the bond is, the harder it is affected by
miles that separate one from another. A true friend will be that person who you
can speak your heart with, without the fear of being judged. They will never
shape you into the type they want but rather the type that suits you the best. They
will give you selfless advice and know what is wrong with you in a flicker of
seconds, without you having to tell them much about the problem. For them, you
will be a priority at any hour of the night.

Your friends will never be counted by the number of followers you have on Instagram
but the handful of those who you can count on whenever and wherever. So far if
a name pops up in your head then that person might be your true friend.
According to a recent
study, people who are blessed with good/true friends have significantly reduced the risk of developing and increased chance of recovering from severe depression.

However, if no one comes to your mind then try being that person. As in life we
always are in a search of true friends but nobody wants to become their version
of that true friend. If we all resolve to become that person then won’t they be
everywhere and the quote “true friends are harder to find” become outdated. Think
about it.

Are you worried about
keeping your friendship alive in this severe pandemic?

For several peoples among us, friendship is more
important for us than any other relation. Loyal friends are the actual asset
that a person can have in life; They can share their emotions, grief, and
ecstasy with them without concern for time or place. Although, we meet many
peoples in our daily routine and some of them became our friends but are they
the loyal one or spending time with us for their own sake is one of the things
that matter. Real friends do not betray us even if the situations are getting
worst. However, the new trend of friendship in social isolation has changed the
concepts of mind regarding fellowship. The current pandemic of COVID-19 has
altered the way of living for all, millions of individuals have died and a
large number of patients are still in fighting for their lives. As this is an
infectious disease and spreading more by physical interaction of peoples.

So consider if god forbid one of your friend falls ill
because of the coronavirus, are you going to pay a visit to him/her instead of
knowing that it can affect you and your family members too? The main potential
of this disease is that it spreads very rapidly and we can only stop it from
spreading only by implementing “social isolation” not just for our sake but for
our loved ones too.

What are the ways to
maintain Friendship in social isolation?

Taking care of a friend is a good gesture but diving
in a pool of fire does not make any sense. The wise decision is to stay distant
from an infected person and start your communication through mobile phones or
any other safe means. Through using safer means we can also fulfill the
standard goals of friendship in social isolation. Everybody knows that the
pandemic condition is going crucial day by day and the only way is to get rid
of this crisis as soon as possible is to stay isolated even if you are healthy.
Going out to a public place might affect you and now you might argue that I am
not prone to it due to strong immunity, then, in that case, you succeed to fight
the COVID virus but remember not everyone has the same strong immune system
like you, so maybe the elder ones in your family can fall sick because of you. The
main reason for social isolation in the current circumstance is to break the
spread of coronavirus.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people who are not
paying heed to the safety precautions enforced by the government authorities.
For such people their inner desires are everything and they do not care about
others. Every day, we witness many activities such as friends gathering to eat and play together, they spend time with
each other without even wearing face masks. Don’t you think that it is also a
crime? Intentionally jumping into a pool of fire without realizing the


A picture of a girl on phone which is kept on top of a stack of books and a plant pot at the left side and fairy lights interlacing the books and plant

attributes to satisfy the goals of friendship in social isolation

  • Now I know it has become extremely difficult to cope
    with social isolation and not being able to meet your friends but I promise it
    will be worth it
  • Schedule
    Zoom calls with your friends twice a week or more to ensure that you are
    virtually for each other.
  • If
    you have classes then you can have discussions like group study on zoom/skype
  • You
    can download this brilliant app called houseparty to have a face-to-face social
    interaction to be with friends when you are not physically with them.
  • Watch
    Netflix together with friends


This is what a true friend will always tell you and I hope you will always
remember it.

“If ever there is
tomorrow when we’re not together… there is something you must always remember.
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you
think. But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with

– Winnie the Pooh.

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