Overthinking Disorder: 10 steps to stop overthinking

Is over thinking disorder really a mental health syndrome, its not considered as a serious  mental health issue, but can be a result of anxiety and depression, Over thinking disorder is closely related to or we can take it under generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).Some people do have of thinking too much, they worry about everything no matter it isa thing to worry or not.

over thinking disorder
over thinking disorder

Overthinking disorder  is centralized around the idea of ruminating about the past and worrying about the future. To be more specific it focuses on what can go wrong and what has gone wrong. Now in order to analyze your situation and think before you make decisions is part of human nature but not being able to come out of that negativity cloud zone is certainly not good for your mental health.

How it affects you?

Overthinking any decision can cause you to replay all the options in your head can lead to “paralysis by analysis”
– you’re afraid to take the wrong action, so you take no action at all. But at times, even making the wrong decision is better than making no decision.

When you’re an over-thinker and you need to make a tough decision, you’ve probably experienced sleepless nights when your brain just won’t turn off. Overthinking can increase symptoms of depression, elevate your stress levels and cloud your judgment.

People often spend valuable time thinking about their mistakes in the past, as a result, they make their present decisions doubtful as well. Now knowing about your mistakes and deciding that you won’t repeat them is the right way to go about it however if you keep dwelling about your past then there are increasing chances of you repeating your mistakes due to anxiety and fear of not doing them.

It arises negative feelings about yourself when you start losing your self- esteem by telling yourself that you are an idiot and you will screw everything if you don’t pay heed to what you did in the past. Being careful is fine but constantly surrounding your thoughts with overthinking does more harm than good. If thinking more about something can let you get it than we all must be millionaires by now. See it does no good to you.

How to stop overthinking disorder?

Step 1

Start monitoring how you tell your story to other people, is it using the sentences like,’I tend to worry more about situations than everyone else’,’I often find myself worrying about things that are not in my control’ or ’I spend hours thinking before making a decision and end up making no decision’ So this is where the problem lies so we are done identifying it.

Step 2

Think of what can go right not what can go wrong. Some level of risk is needed in life to succeed. People who don’t take risks never come out of their comfort zone. To succeed you must be willing to lose and change.

Step 3

Focus on the positive things about your life that can surely be a good distraction. At times some distraction is required to filter channelize your thoughts.

Step 4

Don’t wait for perfection. Being ambitious is great but aiming for perfection is unrealistic so making progress is always better than inaction and perfection.

Step 5

List your fears down for a limited time. Set a timer of 10 minutes and write down all your fears and when the timer is over stop and use the next 10 minutes to write if you take that decision what can go right and list down all possibilities. In this way, you will limit the time for overthinking and worrying too much.

Step 6

Make yourself embrace the fact that you cannot predict the future no matter how much you overthink so it is always best to do what feels best at the moment. It can go wrong, it can go right and that’s why it is life.

Step 7

It is okay to fail, you cannot win every race in life and that the only thing that should truly matter to you is that you at least tried and didn’t take any impulsive decisions by giving yourself enough time to think.

Step 8

Develop productive habits to prevent yourself from thinking unnecessarily. Some tips are here

Step 9

Practice gratitude instead of regret. Think of what you have rather than what you have lost. That is the beauty of life if you get whatever you need there will be no purpose to live hence no fun in life.

Step 10

 Identify your problem but give your entire energy to find the solution as that is what will favor you.


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