“Exploring the Meaning and Importance of Passion in Life”

“Exploring the Meaning and Importance of Passion in Life”

Each word in English literature has different meanings according to their context, and at what situations they are to be used. Same is the case with the word Passion as well. Now this word has different meanings, like love, craze, determined, and belief. In simples words, you can take the meaning of passion as to be determined or to have a craze for something. So,having a desire for something is not enough, you also need to act upon those desires, or to take steps to fulfil those desires to achieve the true meaning of passion. For example, if you desire for something then you will just keep on wishing that you might achieve it, but on the other hand, if you are passionate for something then you will try anything to achieve your goal.

Passion in life

Examples of Being Passionate

Just suppose that you wish that you could surf over the high waves, or run your dirt bike on the rough trail, but you are also feared by deep water or scared to fall off the bike. In that case, that wish will always just remain a wish. Whereas if you are passionate to perform both these actions even you have a phobia, then you will leave your fear back, and try to perform these actions at any cost. Having passionate about something is necessary because it will help you achieve your goal at every cost. Now, most people think that they are passionate about something, but they keep on failing despite
their every effort.

Passion can Bring you at the Top

You might have seen so many successful people, or maybe met some as well in your life. Now you have seen just one part of their life, where they are just cruising around in their luxurious cars, and living in their huge mansions, and purchasing most expensive things. Well, they also have a different side of life as well where they have struggled a lot, just to achieve their passion. Whosoever they are right now is just because they have set their passion towards their goal, and then they just kept on running after it, with a lot of failures. Then the day came where you see them now.

Passion created Disney

You all might be aware of the Disney, and for kids, it is just like a wonderland with a lot of colourful and funny characters. There are very few who knows the real story behind the creator Walt Disney of this Disney World that kids from all around the world enjoy today. He started his career as just being a driver of an Ambulance in World War 1. After the war was ended, he then became an editor in some local Newspaper. Soon after that, the company fired him, because according to them he has no sense of imagination and creativity. Even they did not like any of his ideas. This turn of events did not hold Walt Disney back, and he chooses to do something that he thinks he would love. That is how he ended up creating Mickey Mouse, which is still one of the reasons to bring a smile over millions of children around the world.

Reason to Drive Passion

Now he achieved all that fame, just because he struggled to achieve his passion. Usually, a passionate person also becomes an example for other people, who wants to pursue the same passion as the most other successful people. Now the best thing about running after your passion is that all this struggle and patience never let you down because all of this is the reason that could achieve happiness and success for you.

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I hope these links provide helpful information and perspectives on the topic of passion, and how it can play an important role in finding purpose, fulfillment, and success in life.

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