“Empowering Women Through Self-Defense: Strategies and Techniques to Stay Safe”

Have you ever tried to defend yourself under unsuitable
situations? Well, if you did then this act of preventing any danger or unwanted
situation around you is known a Self-Defense. In simple words, Self Defense is
an act to resist any act of violence or use of force on you against your will. No
one wants to withstand any unwanted situation, especially when there is a matter
of life or death, and even if you want or not, you need to protect yourself from
such people and situations.

Different Self-Defense Ways
at Public Places

There are many methods that you can adopt to defend
yourself in a public area because few people do not even leave you alone even
when you are surrounded by many others. So, you need to learn how you should
react or defend yourself when there are others to help you out as well. In this
act, the first and main thing that you can do on your behalf is that stay alert
at times. Now obviously you cannot keep
guessing who is the attacker, but sometimes your sixth sense warns you about
someone watching you or having bad intentions.

Follow Your Instincts

 Never neglect
your intuitions, take them seriously and instantly get alert for anything bad
that could happen to you. Then next you can carry a small alarm device with you,
or a pepper spray with you. These tools may be small in size, but they have
proven to be helpful when you are in a public place.

Stay Brave and Confident

Remember that the more you stay fearful of your
attacker, or the situation more confident your attacker will be. So, make sure
that whatever happens, you cannot let fear get the better of you. Stay
confident, and dare to face the situation in order to have an upper hand over
your stalker or attacker.

Few Videos for

Realizing a possible threat, and dealing with one is
two different things. You need to learn a few moves on your own as well, because
sometimes a situation may arise as well that people around you instead of
helping you will simply choose to watch you or perhaps film your situation over
their smartphones. So, learn a few moves by watching a few videos like,

5 Self Defence moves everyone should know |
Master Wong

Simple Self Defense Moves You Should Know

5 Self-Defense Moves Every Woman Should
Know | HER Network

7 Self-Defense Techniques for Women from

These videos are very helpful, especially for women, as
they have to face more possible threats in public as compared to men like
harassment, and other life-threatening situations.

How to Stay Safe When You
aren’t able to Protect Yourself Physically?

Similarly, there are situations where you have realized
and confirmed that there is a threat around, and you are either not prepared
for Self Defense, or not able to defend yourself. Such situations mostly occur
with women, as they are not as strong as men by physique naturally. So now
there are few things that you should do in such a situation. First of all, do
not try to run away if you are among the crowd, only start running when you are
alone, and try to get in a crowd as soon as possible. Be sure to set your phone
with the emergency situation contacts on speed dial.

Contact Authorities

Next, contact protection authorities as soon as
possible while staying in-crowd and explain the whole situation to them with the
exact identity of your attackers or stalkers. Last but not the least always
carry something that can be used during self-defence, like a taser, pepper
spray, and a loud portable alarm.

General Self-Defense Laws

There are so many laws that apply for different self-defence
situations and you need to be aware of such laws as well. Mostly these laws
decide your limit for self-defence, and at what point you are going over the line
without judging the threat. First of all, you need to realize that self-defence
is only applicable when there is a physical threat around you, self-defence
against unwanted or teasing verbal comments will be declared as a crime against

Judge Situation

Next, you should be aware that if your attacker or
stalker can carry out that threat against you, or if he is just bluffing or
incapable to do so. After that you can carry out your self-defence against him,
otherwise, it will be considered as a crime against you.

Laws for Use of Force

Now comes that at what level your self-defence actions
will remain justified, and at what point they could make you a criminal. So,
remember that if you are using force, till that threat is minimized then it is
legal, but if you try to end that person’s life, or use some deadly force
against him then that action could make you a criminal.


So, these were few tips and tricks that you can follow
for self-defence when you are in public, or when you are walking alone.
Similarly, you should realize that which actions you need to follow to defend

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I hope these links provide useful information and resources for women interested in learning more about self-defense and staying safe in potentially dangerous situations.

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