“Stepping into Someone Else’s Shoes: Understanding the Power of Empathy”

Do you think that you really care about others? Can you sense and feel the pain in someone? Well, that exact feeling is Empathy. Now, most people will get confused between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy is that someone is in pain, and you try to console them in order to help them alleviate that pain whereas empathy in simple words is when someone else is in pain, and you feel that pain in your heart too, then that is the exact feeling known as Empathy. This is the best feeling in the world, because now here you are not thinking for others as the show of gratitude, but instead, you put yourself in the same position as them to understand how would you feel if you are in the place of that person.

Sympathy and Empathy

Sympathy is something that you need to develop in yourself, but empathy is something that will develop inside you naturally. According to Daniel Goleman, there are five different elements of Empathy, and if you have all five of these elements in you then you can consider that you have Empathy in you. So the first and main element is helping to develop people or to help them to
grow. To understand this element is simple because all you need to do is help someone to progress. Like you can provide some kind of coaching to others that would help them in their career, or if someone is struggling then praise them to create a feel for enthusiasm for more struggle. You can even motivate others by your words as well, either written or spoken.

Different Elements

The second element is to understand people, and here it is meant that you feel what they feel. If someone is feeling down, then never criticize them or make them feel lower. Instead, cheer them, show them all the positivity around, make them realize that they are not alone. The best example
of this element is doctors and other medical staff, who do not care about the background of any of their patient and treat each patient equally, with extreme care, and responsibility. The third element is really necessary for business owners if they want to run their business successfully, and above all with
empathy. In this element, you need to make sure that your customers are just like your own friends and family members, for whom you will always give priority to provide the best services and products.

Prioritize your Customers

The same is the case here as well because here you need to let your customers realize that they have made the right choice by dealing with your company. Make sure that they are getting what they desire, provide them concession with as much. The fourth element is no less in importance than others as well. Especially for the government if they want to empathize with their people then
they need to make sure that all the promises that they have made with their people during election campaigns are fulfilled after they have been elected. No doubt every single person of the nation must have hundreds of expectations from their political leaders, so you must ensure that all of their legal
expectations should be fulfilled without any delay.

Be Helpful

Lastly, open up opportunities for others. This may sound impossible, but it is possible if you try, and look upon it. It is not necessary that you are able to help people whenever they need someone.A little help goes a long way.


A Note from the Writer

According to my personal belief, a lot can get better, a lot can change if we all start practising the virtue of empathy. The heinous acts like crimes, rape, theft, murder etc all can end if we start understanding the pain of others before inflicting any harm on them. If we start valuing individuals around, we will also value the individual within.

I don’t understand how giving pain to others can be a sign of relief for others. That is how frustrating and sick society is becoming. The only way to be out of this hell loop of sins every single day is to start practicing empathy. As the moment you start evaluating what impact your actions have on others then there is nothing you will ever do intentionally which can hurt them.

The moment care, empathy and humanity vanishes from a society, evil takes precedence. Also one thing, there is no such thing as a devil which forces you to do wrong, it is really your own call from within. No one is perfect, we all have positive and negative thoughts from within it is just about what type of thoughts you cultivate, choose and practice your entire life that makes you a good or bad

Lets start to practice goodness by each person reading this, promise that they will stop
one bad habit that they have practised for long enough now.

here are some helpful outbound links related to the topic of empathy:

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I hope these links provide helpful information and perspectives on the topic of empathy, and how it can be developed and applied in a variety of contexts to promote understanding, connection, and positive change.

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